SleepAngel Pillow - Microfiber 700 g

SleepAngel Pillow - Microfiber 700 g

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SleepAngel Pillow Microfiber 700 g with Smart Filter - Antibacterial, Antiallergic, Antipathogenic, Antiviral 

SleepAngel pillow is a comfortable, supporting and always clean as new due to unique and patent protected product technology. Relief for people with allergies and asthma. Suitable for anyone looking for resting in a clean, comfortable environment.

CLINICALLY CLEAN AND SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY - SleepAngel filtered pillows are a medical innovation adapted with comfort features. The combination of welded seams, PU fabric protection and the new technology filters results in the world’s first bedding range to combine absolute barrier protection with airflow – for user comfort

SleepAngel Pillow - Microfiber 700 g:

  • Filling:  Microfiber 700g ( height: low) is a responsive, fluffy filling. Feels nice and soft.
  • Cover: Face Polyurethane
  • Care instructions: If pillow is soiled, put under cold running water. For general hygiene, wipe down with a damp cloth. 
  • Unpacking: After first unpacking, please allow your new SleepAngel to rest at room temperature at least three hours, to allow the filling materials to assume their natural shape.
  • Premium comfort produced in Europe : From core to cover, the best available materials are used to create the best recovery environment for you